Inetyx creates the break in metal 3D printing

Inetyx markets its first metal 3D printing system and propose manufacturing of finish parts.
So far, current 3D metal printing technologies are mainly using two different processes: fusion throught a laser or electron beam of metallic powders.
The process initiated by Inetyx through its brand AMW (additive micro welding) is based on a manufacturing principle, layer by layer; each layer is composed by metallic bands, micro welded by laser.
This manufacturing process enables to keep the geometric shape of each section of the part to be produced.
Main advantages of AMW technology are:

– High quality finish
– Dimensional accuracy
– Surface roughness

Increase the performance of manufactured parts:
– Increase the numbers of finished geometry in a part (finition achieved during the manufacturing process)

Achieve the manufacturing of mono and multi material components:
– For instance two different materials in the same part (copper-stainless steel, copper-steel …)

– Unlike metallic powders, the use of the wire material removes the risk of people and environment contamination by metallic micro and nanoparticles.

Ergonomics of the process :
– Launch time of a manufacturing program is divided by 10 compared to powders melting process.
– Not required to recover and reprocess the powder.
– Simplification of the production operations of a functional part in terms of reduction and / or elimination of finishing operations.

Raw material cost savings